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New Logo of Zo_Om!



We create a new logo for our organization. Later on I put a whole article and the pic of the old photo conserning our previous logo.


Idea of moving pictures.


Today I looked through the film «Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone». I really like it when I was younger and from time to time I like to reread and review all the parts of this wonderful tale.

Today my choise fell on the very first part. It was interesting to look at little actors as Deniel Redkliff, Emma Wotson, Rupert Grin, and others. I was growing up with them. And my character, my thought were changing at the same time as theirs.

Both me and they changed, became older, more beautiful…=) But still I like tales, magic and mysteries. And one of the enigmatical things I found in the story about young magician is moving pictures. Do you remember it? All the photos, images,  magic cards from candies Berti Botts, portreits, and other pictures were moving!!!It’s difficult to believe but the idea is that people that are depicted on the picture are alive. They are alive as in reality as in photo!Thay can move, smile, even talk to each other and to you, disappear from the picture and then appear on the another one. Wonderful!

I looked and started to think will it be possible in reality or not?Will our new technologies allow us to create such things?As a consequence in my mind started to arise such thoughts as .gif pictures, problem of life and death, influence on the understanding of reality and I don’t know why — all the staff considering the law sphere=))) But any way I thing in future some kind of that will be possible and I’d like to participate in creating of this.



Different vision on photography

Probably you have already seen and understoond that one o the most favourite websites considering photography for me is

I look through this website almost every day and every time I admire how people can be creative!Where do they get such interesting ideas? You know I don’t really understand the pictures like this

2310301Probably it’s something like abstract art and it has millions of fans but for me it’s not very suitable way to express your artistic nature. I’m a follower of more customary arts.

For example, what do you think about this pic?

festival20of20colors1It was made in the Festival of colors in India. For me it’s very nice interesting picture.


Also I like pictures of social advertisement aginst pollution(for BUND).




I really like tese pics because they are simple, bright, attractive and undertandable. You look at this and start to think, but think not like Does it really an art or I’m so foolish that I don’t underatsnad the sence of the advertisement! No, this picture conducts to think about the harm of transportation of fruits. In all three photos(but I belive it’d be more) there is a slogan or special phrase — Travelling fruits cause pollition. And it’ s what I like.

Actually photography as any other form of art is very specific for everybody. Someone likes bright and funny photos, someone — strange not understandable pictures, another one person prefer abstract or photos of little chindren. What I want to say here is that there are lots of different interesting themes for photography, but ideas how to make — not so many. And when you see anything attractive and interesting it becomes a m,asterpiece.

Challenge of the Power.(A little bit aside=))

Have you ever thought about your relation to power? What do you feel trying this statement on yourself? Authority? Obsession? Or may be willingness to divide the supremacy between people all over the world and to organize to all of them the happy and flourishing life? Although nations all over the world try to establish the democracy, find out the equality and fairness among people, our nature is still the same as centuries ago – imprudent power rules everything.

Let’s imagine that all the people in the world are now separated on two categories – the smartest and the most stupid. And the separation is determined by the eye color. What if the light eye color people are the smartest and due to this physical characteristic they are honored with the absolute power. They can do whatever they want, whatever their distraught with the supremacy minds can invent. What the feelings and emotions do such people sense? What way do they choose? And what actions do they undertake having such power? Of course, in this situation people start to think first of all about themselves, start to evince their egoism and develop self-interests.

We made an interesting notion conducting a role play concerning the separation of population by eye color – when you are on the best position, among “winners” it’s easy to rule, to establish an order, to live on the whole. You are the smartest person because you have light eye color and that’s it, and that’s the law.

So, now let’s consider the picture was changed and now the absolute power is given to the dark eye color people. All the honors of life now are on the opposite side. Now you are looser and those who were the feeblest became the most influential. Don’t you think that the “power” in this situation costs nothing? It’s just a word that is concerned not to those who are really worthy but to those who have any proper physical characteristics. How do those people who lost the authority feel now? Don’t you find that the power, real power, also loses its sense? Only those have control who establish the rule who can influence and whom. And that is the core of the idea.

Now those who lost the authority felt themselves confused, uncertainly, disabled, and feeble. They felt even injustice! On the other hand, those who got the power sad they would act in the same way as former authorities, probably even worse. Here I’d like to stop and think deeper. Again: those who got the power would act worse forgetting humanity and kindles, loosing the sense of community in direct to loneliness and egoism. They also started to maintain self-interests.

Thus how can we comment this approach? How does the power challenge our nature, our minds? And is it right that the smartest, the strongest and the most powerful people are determined by the color of eye?

As many questions as many answers but in general I can confirm one thing – the nature of people does not change during the times. We use the power with the purpose of achieving own goals, first of all we care about ourselves, our comfort, our prosperity and just after this we think about others. Many centuries ago it was expressed more and methods were usually using the arms, forces, killing and so on. Nowadays the abuse of supremacy take another forms – today people use connections, money, authority to achieve the goals, to get what they want.

Concluding this essay I’d like to say that the nature of the human will always be the same – we will always stand for our interests. Times change, principles stay: no matter which way do you prefer to gain the aim, firstly you need power. Just one thing that I’d like to bring to the readers is that the rule of arranging the power among people should not be based on the physical characteristics or any another foolish criteria but on really serious important qualities of the people that are claimed in today’s world.

Some pictures from different events

Open House Day That’s the pic from Open House Day. Here you can see students from different student organizations.




Open House Day-2Also picture from OHD. Karandash student organization.




Forum for parents

Next picture was made on the forum fro parents with Dr.Chan Yang Bang.




Next pictures are from the team-building of all the student organizations.








That’s all our united family.



Karandash student organization held on St.Valentine’s Day at KIMEP. 







KVN!!!Let’s get it started!

zarri               Createam!

















Student Festival of Mass Media






Small people — big hearts. KSPA Exchibition.






Nauryz Kutty Bolsyn!






Yearbook party!

aiko1                                                   ainur1redbull3                

KIMEP Strike.






And the last one — Kimep Takwondo Organization — KTO


Zo_Om!Our portfolio.

Zo_Om! Who are we? What are we working for? And what’s the mission of our organization? Today I’m going to tell a little bit more about us, about Zo_Om!.

Although we have been created just some months ago, we have already done a significant contribution to KIMEP student life from our organization. Even I can say that for the moment we can show you our portfolio!

In short I enumerate you our occupations: collaboration with Kwall brochure, pictures from Open House days, Forum for Parents, Team-building, St.Valentine’s day, KVN, Event in Children House day, Theater (SIFE), Student Festival «Advertisement and PR in Almaty», exhibition of KSPA «Small people — big hearts», Nauryz, KIMEP Strike, Anti-smoking campaign, Anti-smoking training, Yearbook party and as our team-work with Yearbook group — Yearbook 2009.

That’s in short what we have done, but it’s easy in words just to name what we do, what is more difficult it’s to do in reality. Later on I will upload some our pictures from KIMEP student life and you’ll be able to see how we have fun.

In the near future we are going to take pictures from Golden Middle event, organized by Createam student organization, Art Exhibition by Karandash and also Graduation. What about future plans, now I can’t play all our cards but we have something in mind to realize in next semester. The main thing is to find appropriate ideas how to organize all te staff, also to get support from friends and general people, an the most valuable — to find resources, I mean financial support=)Naowadays in times of global financial crisis it is the most difficult issue I guess.


Hello everyone!

Last time I wrote about Yearbook and all the stuff considering to it. One thing that I mentioned is Zo-Om! student organization. So, today I’m going to tell you what is Zo_Om!, what’s the mission it has and how I’m related to this student organization.


Zo_Om! is a young student organization in KIMEP that deals with photography and all the things related this. We were created not so long ago,at the beginning of 2009 year, and exactly we work since January.

What’s the purpose of our organization? Let’s first I explain you how the idea of creation of Zo_Om! has appeared. Actually I’ve never thought I’d be a photographer(and of course I’m still not a professional, but I try, don’t judge me strictly=)).So, I have never thought I’d be photographer, but when I’d bought a camera in the USA and came back to Almaty I’ve started to make pictures for our student magazine. After some moths working hardly and without days off I understood that it’s difficult to be just one photographer for all the university. No, don’t think I’m praising myself, but it was really in this way — lots of people — students or administration — asked me to give them different photos. Moreover my pictures appeared in different places such as uni website, stands, in the Internet without my permission. And I decided to create my own organization where I can get together different photographers, designers and simply creative and active students.

Thus our Zo_Om! organization was created and now we work…no, we don’t work, we have fun with all the events that are happened in our university and make pictures for us, for our friends, and for KIMEP in general.